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£110.40 - £121.26

Hella NaviLED 360 Degree White Plug In

Hella marine NaviLED 360 lamps feature single LED efficiency, advanced Multivolt electronics and precision optics for reliable and highly visible all round lighting….


With less than 1.5W of consumption, NaviLED360 lamps draw a fraction of the energy required to run a conventional 2 nautical mile incandescent lamp.

Pole plugs into lamp base and is fixed into position with locking collar. A rubber cap covers hole when pole is removed.

No bulbs, No maintenance. Ultra long service life

Hella marine LED technology has no filaments to break making NaviLED lamps extremely shock and vibration proof for reliability and safety in demanding conditions.

Multivolt 9-33V DC

Advanced electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.

Sealed within the base or aluminium pole, the compact Multivolt drive circuitry provides reverse polarity, spike and over-voltage protection for long life and reliable operation.

Safe and highly visible

Hella marine optics deliver 100% correct light output and enhance visibility compared to bulb navigation lamps.

Fully sealed for life. IP 67 Certified

Each NaviLED lamp is a completely sealed unit, highly UV and corrosion resistant. High impact housings ensure durability from waves and impact. NaviLED360 anchor lamps have undergone extensive ‘tested to destruction’ programs to help lift product reliability to a new standard.

Hella ARW Plug In Lights – Instruction PDF

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£110.40 - £121.26