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Navigation Light Visibility Requirements
Table refers to IMO COLLREGS 1972 definition of the requirement for navigation light visibility against vessel length and type.
Type Angle Vessel Type Boats <12m/39ft Boats <20m/65ft Boats <50m/164ft Boats >50m/164ft
Starboard 112.5° Sail/Motor 1nm 2nm 2nm 3nm
Port 112.5° Sail/Motor 1nm 2nm 2nm 3nm
Stern 135° Sail/Motor 2nm 2nm 2nm 3nm
Masthead 225° Motor 2nm 3nm 5nm 6nm
All-round 360° Sail/Motor 2nm 2nm 2nm 3nm
Bicolour 112.5°/112.5° Sail/Motor 1nm 2nm / /
Tricolour 112.5°/112.5°/135° Sail 1/2nm 2nm / /

Table refers to available Light Series that fulfil the requirement's listed above.
Please confirm individual lights as some exceptions exist.
Manufacturer Approvals Light Series Light Series Light Series Light Series
Aqua Signal EU & international 20/25 30/34/40/41/42/43/50 34*/40*/41*/43*/50*/55 70/70M/70D
Peters & Bey EU & international On request 400/410/422/431 500 780/760
Navisafe USCG Approval 001/010/055# 001/010/305/055/355# / /
Accon USCG Approval 204.M / / /
Other/stainless CE Various / / /
* These lights have approval for vessels <50 with some exceptions such as Masthead 5nm (<20nm)
# NAVISAFE has 2nm (max) USCG approval (<20m) Masthead function therefore limited to <12m

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Navigation Lights User Guide