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Waveair Holding Tank Filter
Waveair Holding Tank Filter

Waveair Holding Tank Filter

(Reference 99-WA16)

Holding Tank Vent Filter.
Waveair is a new filter product from Wave International that removes foul odours from holding tanks vents. The Waveair filter unit is simply installed in the tank vent line after the tank and before the outlet, hose tail connections are supplied with the filter. Waveair is available in three sizes to suit a wide range of tanks and is engineered to remove the organic compounds that cause bad odours from tank vent emissions. Volumes of air/gas are particularly present in the vent when toilets are flushed or when the tank is being pumped out. The smell from your tank can not only be unpleasant for you but also for your neighbour.
Waveair is a single module, supplied with brackets and hose tails, so there is no separate cartridge to change, simply remove the complete filter unit and replace at least once a year and no more foul smells. Waveair should be installed in the vent line above the overboard discharge point so no water can get in to the filter which will limit its capabilities, do not overfill the tank which may also cause wetting of the filter.
This product should not be used in conjunction with onboard sewage treatment systems or if significant volumes of chemicals, such as chlorine and other oxidising agents, may enter the tank.
Available in three sizes.

Part No. Hose I.D.

99-WA16 Waveair Filter, brackets & hose tails - 16 mm.
99-WA19 Waveair Filter, brackets & hose tails - 19 mm.
99-WA25 Waveair Filter, brackets & hose tails - 25 mm.

Replacement Filters
99-WAC Waveair Replacement Filter - 16 & 19 mm.
99-WAC25 Waveair Replacement Filter - 25 mm.

Install a new Waveair filter at the beginning of every season.

Price: £63.49 exc VAT

Part No: 99-WA16
Waveair Holding Tank Filter - £63.49

Part No: 99-WA19
Waveair Holding Tank Filter 19mm Tail - £63.49

Part No: 99-WA25
Waveair Holding Tank Filter 25mm Tail - £74.09

Part No: 99-WAC
Waveair Replacement Filter-16 & 19mm Hse - £49.23

Part No: 99-WAC/25
Waveair Replacement Filter 25mm Hose - £59.40