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TeamO Backtow Offshore Lifejackets
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Auro
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TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N AuroTeamO Backtow Offshore 170N AuroTeamO Backtow Offshore 170N AuroTeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Auro

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TeamO Backtow Offshore Lifejackets

(Reference 94-170N)


TeamO's patented Backtow life jacket technology functions in a man-over-board situation by turning the user in to a face up seated position as they are towed alongside the vessel.
This keeps airways clear of the water and allows communication and immediate rescue by the crew.
Backtow also reduces the risk of injury during recovery.

Integrated deck harness is designed to keep you on deck. The large diameter soft loop attachment point makes clipping on easy and quick.

Buoyancy 150N - This level is intended for general applications and for use the foul weather clothing. It will turn an unconscious person into a safe position and requires no subsequent action by the user to maintain this postilion.

Fully automatic inflation system. When immersed in water the Life Jacket will fully inflate within 5 seconds. The Life Jacket can also be deployed manually by pulling on the red toggle, or orally by blowing into the Oral Inflation tube mounted inside the jacket cover.

A fully manual inflation system is also available.

SOLAS approved, water activated LED light - Maintenance free design with 5 year battery life - 8 hours of continuous operation.

Integrated spray hood - when deployed can reduce the risk of secondary drowning by protecting the wearers fasce from and spray whilst in the water. Fully integrated within the the cover, there is no need for secondary donning. Simply pull the release cord and hook under the front of the Life Jacket bladder.

Price: £183.33 exc VAT

Part No: 94-170N
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Auro - £183.33

Part No: 94-170N-H
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N - Hammer - £204.17

Part No: 94-170N-MANUAL
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Manual - £165.83

Part No: 94-170N-H_BLU
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N -Hammer BLUE - £204.17

Part No: 94-170N-H_GRY
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N -Hammer Grey - £204.17

Part No: 94-170N-MAN-BLU
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Manual BLUE - £165.83

Part No: 94-170N-MAN-GRY
TeamO Backtow Offshore 170N Manual GRY - £165.83