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Aqua Signal Series 44 LED
S44 LED Port
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S44 LED PortS44 LED PortS44 LED PortS44 LED Port

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Additional documents are available:
S44 Operating Manual
S44 Leaflet
S44 Certification

Aqua Signal Series 44 LED

(Reference 02-3651-001)

Series 44

The new Series 44 LED Navigation Light is wheelmarked according to EN 14744 for recreational boats and vessels up to 50 m. (according to USCG/IMO COLREG: > 20m). Series 44 is easy to install is based on known technology and have a unique and modern design. All this to meet customer expectations!
Series 44 is a state of the art navigation light with LED optics and high quality technology that ensures safety at sea in all weather conditions. The navigation lights fulfil all requirements of the "International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea 1972 (COLREG)", published by the international Maritime Organization (IMO) and local rules.
The application is depending on the visibility requirements.

To ensure an easy refit, Series 44 is designed with the same footprint as Series 43/Series 40.
LIGHT SOURCE 1 power LED module
ELECTRIC Multivolt, invers polarity protection included, EMC tested
according the ISO 10133 EMC/EMI according EMC1 for open deck and Bridge.
IP67 stainless steel cable connections
HOUSING Polycarbonate, black or white, seawater resistant, UV Resistant, noncorrosive, nonmagnetic, impact and shock resistant.
Weight: 0,189 kg
5 years warranty (non-commercial use)
TEMPERATURE RANGE 20°C to +35°C degradation control
OPTICS AND ELECTRONICS "sealed for life" technology IP68

02-3651-001 - Port
02-3651-101 - Port - White Case
02-3650-001 - Starboard
02-3650-101 - Starboard - White Case
02-3652-001 - Stern
02-3652-101 - Stern - White Case

Price: £141.10 exc VAT

Part No: 02-3651-001
S44 LED Port - £141.10

Part No: 02-3651-101
S44 LED Port W/C - £141.10

Part No: 02-3650-001
S44 LED Starboard - £141.10

Part No: 02-3650-101
S44 LED Starboard W/C - £141.10

Part No: 02-3652-001
S44 LED Stern - £141.10

Part No: 02-3652-101
S44 LED Stern W/C - £141.10