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Aqua Signal Series 60 LED
Series 60 Stern
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Series 60 Stern Series 60 Stern Series 60 Stern Series 60 Stern

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Aqua Signal Series 60 LED

(Reference 02-3667-705)

Aqua Signal's Series 60 are LED navigation lights for vessels below 50 meters in length.

Long product lifetime:
The Series 60 are designed to last for 100.000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45C. That's twice the lifetime of most competing products.
To achieve this kind of longevity the design must be sturdy and all components must be of high quality. This includes a high-quality LED driver and driver technology and the use of materials that can withstand rough weather and varying temperatures, such as seawater resistant aluminium, poly-carbonate and hardened tempered glass.

The system lifetime of the LED light source and driver is 11 years given a continuous run time, 24 hours a day at an ambient temperature of 45�C.

Price: POA

Part No: 02-3667-705
Series 60 Stern - POA

Part No: 02-3669-205
Series 60 Port - POA

Part No: 02-3668-105
Series 60 Starboard - POA

Part No: 02-3666-005
Series 60 Mast Head - POA

Part No: 02-3665-105
Series 60 Signal Green - POA

Part No: 02-3665-205
Series 60 Signal Red - POA

Part No: 02-3665-705
Series 60 Signal White - POA

Part No: 02-3665105003
Series 60 Signal Green 2x180 Degree - POA

Part No: 02-3665205003
Series 60 Signal Red 2x180 Degree - POA

Part No: 02-3665705003
Series 60 Signal White 2x180 Degree - POA

Part No: 02-3667-405
Series 60 Stern Yellow - POA