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Helmsman Stool - Cream
Helmsman Stool, Oiled, SS, Cream Cushion

Helmsman Stool - Cream

(Reference 16-3286S-3262A)

The Ultimate Helmsman Seat

Made from solid Teak, these chairs will last a life time with only minimal care. They are available with canvas or with our more comfortable upholstered Deluxe cushion covers. (Specialist colours and material such as Tweed are available upon request).

All chairs are fitted with rubber feet to protect decks or polished floors. If your chair does get marked or scratched, simply give it a light sanding with fine paper and re-apply our oil. It will come up as good as new!

Price: £415.00 exc VAT

Part No: 16-3286S-3262A
Helmsman Stool, Oiled, SS, Cream Cushion - £415.00

Part No: 16-3286SU-3262A
Helmsman Stool, Unoiled, SS, Cream Cushion - £405.84