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Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm
Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak Finish
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Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak FinishPowerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak FinishPowerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak FinishPowerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak Finish

Additional documents are available:
Mounting Instructions - 14-MP75
Guide - Choosing a Powerboat Bowsprit

Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm

(Reference 14-MP75)

Powerboat bowsprit with 316 stainless steel fittings.

Simply attach with struts and two customizable universal fittings that can be adjusted to suit rounded, sloping and angled surfaces on the bow.

Fits onto most powerboats and suitable for mounting over existing anchor holders. To mount the bowsprit onto an existing anchor holder, you will need to purchase one of our adjustable struts. This serves as an alternative to the strut that is supplied as standard with the bowsprit. Providing you with a safe & secure fitting. These struts are available in two different sizes 150x25mm or 290x30mm and they can be purchased separately.

As for accessories, we can provide straight extensions, which allows you to raise the bowsprit a few centimetres higher. We can also provide angled extensions which allows the user to come in at a slightly better angle when fitting to the deck, it also allows you to to make the bowsprit a little bit narrower. These accessories can be purchased separately.

Complete the bowsprit with either one of our telescopic ladders, which can be mounted underneath, optimising the surface of the bowsprit. Or a hook ladder that can be easily stowed away (see Ladders within 'Deck Hardware').

Available in either a teak or blackline surface.
14-MP75 - Teak
14-MP75BL - Blackline

For use on boats between 25-45 feet.
Length - 700 mm
Width - 480 mm
Height - 51 mm
Pipe dimension - 32 mm

Price: £708.47 exc VAT

Part No: 14-MP75
Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Teak Finish - £708.47

Part No: 14-MP75BL
Powerboat Bowsprit 750mm - Blackline Finish - £615.19

Part No: 14-P1074
Bowsprit Strut for Existing Anchor Holder 150x25mm - £25.65

Part No: 14-P1091
Bowsprit Strut for Existing Anchor Holder 290x30mm - £42.91

Part No: 14-P1010
Straight Extension for Raising Bowsprits - £23.78

Part No: 14-P1085
Angled Extension for Bowsprits - £32.19