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Fresh Water Pump With Sensor
Fresh Water Pump With Sensor

Fresh Water Pump With Sensor

(Reference 10-10758)

Aqualine Fresh Water Pump with Sensor.
This is a quiet, self-priming and highly efficient water pump which delivers a smooth and steady water flow. A sensor unit is integrated with the pump head to control the pressure and protect the pump.
Key Features are:

* Can run dry without damage
* Built in sealed pressure switch maintains at 35psi
* Plug in hose adaptors included. 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" straight and elbow
* Strainer included
* Max flow rate: 3.3GPM (12.5 LPM)
* Automatic switching from 12v to 24v DC, 7 amps max
* Built in check valve fitted
* Dimensions: L228 x W114 x H104mm
* Meets CE requirements

Price: £166.94 exc VAT