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VHF Fiberglass Antenna - 0.9m
3 db VHF Antenna 0.9m
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3 db VHF Antenna 0.9m3 db VHF Antenna 0.9m3 db VHF Antenna 0.9m

VHF Fiberglass Antenna - 0.9m

(Reference 33-KM-3F)

The KM Series antenna is developed especially for sailing boats. It combines lightness and flexibility with an extreme resistance to atmospheric agents. Its elegant style fits perfectly with the boat design. The antenna is supplied together with a stainless steel mounting bracket, that makes the installation quick and stable.

You can either purchase a single VHF antenna, or you can purchase a kit which includes the VHF Antenna, 20 metre RG58 cable & PL259 connector.

33-KM-3F - Single VHF Fiberglass Antenna
33-KM-3F/20MKIT - VHF Fiberglass Antenna Kit

Frequency - 156-162 MHz
Impedance - 50 ohm
Electrical length - 1/2 Linear Charge Density
V.S.W.R - < 1,5:1
Polarization - Vertical
Gain - 3 dB
Max power input - 50 W
DC ground - Yes
Whip material - Fiberglass
Connector - SO 239
Mounting - Stainless steel bracket
Length - 0,9m
Weight - 0,23kg

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Price: €61.12 exc VAT

Part No: 33-KM-3F
3 db VHF Antenna 0.9m - €61.12

Part No: 33-KM-3F/20MKIT
VHF Antenna Kit. 0,9 m + 20m cable + PL 259 Connector - €103.43