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VHF Fiberglass Antenna 1.5m
3 db VHF Antenna 1.5m - WHITE
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3 db VHF Antenna 1.5m - WHITE3 db VHF Antenna 1.5m - WHITE3 db VHF Antenna 1.5m - WHITE

VHF Fiberglass Antenna 1.5m

(Reference 33-KS-22)

There's no need to introduce this classic of marine communication. The antenna that has become a standard for users now meets the excellence of the patent 100% WATERPROOF. It's built with a 1.4 mm thick fiberglass whip that gets fully foam injected with the special Scout 100% waterproof technique. The antenna is supplied with 5m RG-58 MIL cable and 1 PL-259 connector to complete the installation on board. Available in 3 different colours (white, black & blue).

Frequency - 156-162 MHz
Impedance - 50 ohm
Electrical length - 1/2 Linear Charge Density
V.S.W.R - < 1,5:1
Polarization - Vertical
Gain - 3 dB
Max power input - 50 W
DC ground - Yes
Whip material - Fiberglass
Coaxial cable - 5m (16.4") RG 58 CU MIL
Mounting - 1" x 14 thread
Length - 1.5 m (5")
Weight - 0.39 kg

Price: €56.99 exc VAT

Part No: 33-KS-22
3 db VHF Antenna 1.5m - WHITE - €56.99

Part No: 33-KS-22 BLACK
VHF Antenna 1.5m - BLACK - €61.61

Part No: 33-KS-22 BLUE
VHF Antenna 1.5m - BLUE - €61.61