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Deckmate Scrub Pads (2 Pack)
Deckmate Scrub Pad - Soft White (2 Pack)
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Deckmate Scrub Pad - Soft White (2 Pack)Deckmate Scrub Pad - Soft White (2 Pack)Deckmate Scrub Pad - Soft White (2 Pack)

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Deckmate Scrub Pads (2 Pack)

(Reference 43-DM250)

The Deckmate Scrub Pads are available in three different versions:

Soft White - suitable for wet cleaning of anti-slip and teak decks.
Medium Blue - suitable for aggressive of cleaning dirtied teak and hulls.
Coarse Brown - suitable for rough cleaning of teak deck and sanding the hull in preparation for antifouling.

Easy to mount on the Deckmate Swivel Plate, which can be purchase separately. Combine with the Swivel Plate for cleaning over a distance.

Applicable for all pads: not recommended for painted finishes or high-gloss surfaces.

After use, it is recommended that you wash the Scrub Pad in plenty of fresh water, wring it out and leave it to dry.

Price: £7.16 exc VAT

Part No: 43-DM250
Deckmate Scrub Pad - Soft White (2 Pack) - £7.16

Part No: 43-DM251
Deckmate Scrub Pad - Medium Blue (2 Pack) - £7.16

Part No: 43-DM252
Deckmate Scrub Pad - Coarse Brown (2 Pack) - £7.40