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Deckmate Microfiber Wash Head Cover
Deckmate Microfiber Wash Head Cover
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Deckmate Microfiber Wash Head CoverDeckmate Microfiber Wash Head CoverDeckmate Microfiber Wash Head CoverDeckmate Microfiber Wash Head Cover

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Deckmate Microfiber Wash Head Cover

(Reference 43-DM230)

The Deckmate Washcover is made of strong and extremely soft microfibre material, consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide in an orange colour.

This Washcover is very suitable for cleaning over a distance because the microfibre strands absorb and retain a lot of water. Perfect to attach to the Deckmate Swivel Plate which can be purchase separately.

By using this Washcover in combination with the Deckmate Swivel Plate, you will be able to clean scratch-sensitive surfaces from a larger distance or height with the help of a handle. In addition, the wash cover can be used dry for dusting floors and such.

The microfibre interior lining attaches securely to the Swivel Plate's Velcro strips, so that you prevent the Washcover from slipping or twisting over the Swivel Plate.

A foam pad with microfibre interior lining has been added to the inside to protect the cleaning surface from the Swivel Plate, making it nearly impossible to damage the surface during cleaning.

After use, it is recommended that you wash the Washcover in plenty of fresh water, wring it out and leave it to dry.

Price: $16.52 exc VAT