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LED Tape 600
LED Tape 600 - 3000 Kelvin
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LED Tape 600 - 3000 KelvinLED Tape 600 - 3000 Kelvin

LED Tape 600

(Reference 14-9237-5)

With the LED Tape 600, you will be able to have a unique light that can be varied and adjusted as needed. LED tape is a great way to enhance the atmosphere on board a create a sense of a larger, more welcoming boat.

The LED Tape 600 has small energy efficient diodes and due to its 5 meter length, it provides you with a lot of flexibility. The LED tape is able to be mounted behind lists, bulkheads or along floors to illuminate the surrounding environment. You can also purchase separately LED Profiles, which will provide you with a more even light and some extra protection for the tape.

You can complete the LED tape with one of our dimmers or switches for full control of your lighting (please purchase separately).

Available in two different versions:

14-9237-5 - 3000 Kelvin
14-9237-527 - 2700 Kelvin

- 12V
- 8.5W / Meter
- 538LM / Meter

Price: €200.88 exc VAT

Part No: 14-9237-5
LED Tape 600 - 3000 Kelvin - €200.88

Part No: 14-9237-527
LED Tape 600 - 2700 Kelvin - €219.04