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Polaris Dimmer
Polaris Dimmer Control Unit
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Polaris Dimmer Control UnitPolaris Dimmer Control UnitPolaris Dimmer Control UnitPolaris Dimmer Control Unit

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Batsystem Polaris Dimmer Series
Batsystem Polaris - Dimmer Unit
Batsystem Polaris - Handheld Remote Control
Batsystem Polaris - Rotary Dimmer

Polaris Dimmer

(Reference 14-BD1210)

Introducing the new wireless dimmer system from B�tsystem, with no need to change existing wiring. The 'Polaris' range consists of the Dimmer Controller Unit, a wireless Remote Control (handheld) and a Wireless Rotary Unit (wall mount). The Polaris system allows you to control a wide range of lights from ceiling lights to courtesy lighting.

The Dimmer Unit allows you to dim your lights to the desired effect without any flash. It can be easily matched to either the Remote Control or Rotary switch with a single touch of a button. Designed to dim 12/24V LED lighting.

The hand-held Remote Control allows you to control 8 different sets of lights on your boat. Once you have paired each dimmer unit to the remote, just use the touch wheel to dim your lights to the desired effect. You can also pre-set up to 4 lighting 'scenes' that cover all 8 light sets, so you can return to the same onboard 'scene' with a single press of a button. RC powered by x 2 AAA batteries (Not included). Operates <30m.

By using the Rotary Unit, you can turn your lighting on/off with one touch. You can press and hold the rotary switch for stepless dimming, which allows you to turn down or turn up the brightness with every other press. You can also turn the switch clockwise and anti-clockwise to either turn up or turn down your brightness. Each Wireless Rotary Unit can match one or more Dimmer Control Units. The Rotary Unit is available in a variety of different colour finishes (Matt Silver, White & Black).

For further details about the Polaris Dimmer series & individual units, please view the PDF product sheets & installation video linked to the left.

14-BD1210 - Polaris Dimmer Control Unit
14-BD1210R8 - Polaris Wireless Remote Control
14-BD1210MS - Matt Silver Rotary Unit
14-BD1210RV - White Rotary Unit
14-BD1210RB - Black Rotary Unit

Price: £61.57 exc VAT

Part No: 14-BD1210
Polaris Dimmer Control Unit - £61.57

Part No: 14-BD1210R8
Polaris Wireless Remote Control - £120.80

Part No: 14-BD1210MS
Polaris Dimmer - Rotary Unit Matt Silver - £38.71

Part No: 14-BD1210RV
Polaris Dimmer - Rotary Unit White - £38.71

Part No: 14-BD1210RB
Polaris Dimmer - Rotary Unit Black - £38.71