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Gel Hand Soap
Gel Hand Soap

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Gel Hand Soap

(Reference 44-SCC154)

Going on adventures can be dirty work, salt, mud and dirt all seem like fun at the time, but not for our hands!

Infused with citrus extracts, this naturally derived, gel hand wash eliminates stubborn smells and leaves hands feeling soft and clean, even after multiple washes. What's not to love? Especially when the formula is biodegradable and contains no dirty ingredients.

Specially formulated for use on boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Price: £15.90 exc VAT

Part No: 44-SCC154
Gel Hand Soap - £15.90

Part No: 44-SCC155
Gel Hand Soap 2.5 Ltr - £3.53

Part No: 44-SCC156
Gel Hand Soap 5 Ltr - £11.48