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100ml Tube Peek Polish
100ml Tube Peek Polish
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100ml Tube Peek Polish100ml Tube Peek Polish100ml Tube Peek Polish

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MSDS Peek Paste

100ml Tube Peek Polish

(Reference 34-33200)

Peek polish is a multi-purpose cleaner which can be used on virtually all non-porous surfaces from metals, glass and ceramic to plastic and enamel.
It cleans, polishes and protects and its highly concentrated formula also removes oxidation, heat discolouration, corrosion and scale.

Even badly tarnished and oxidized items are brought back to life

Surfaces are left bright and beautiful

Leaves behind a light, invisible protective coating

Cleans Polishes & Protects On All These Surfaces
Brass, Silver, Copper, Gold, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Pewter, Aluminium, Sterling Silver,
Fibreglass, Plexiglas, Acrylic, Ceramic, Tile ,Marble, Melamine, Formica Arborite.

Peek Removes
Oxidation, Tarnish, Lime Deposits, Corrosion, Crayon, Grease, Salt, Water Stains, Leaf Marks, Tree Sap, Bugs, Tar, Black Marker, Finger Prints, Graffiti, Minor Rust, Ink, Food Stains, Blood Stains, Smoke Damage, Water Marks, Wax Build-up, Gun Powder Residue, Heat Discolouration, Much More...

Price: £5.11 exc VAT