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Tilt Plate Compression Latch
Tilt Plate Compression Latch
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Tilt Plate Compression LatchTilt Plate Compression LatchTilt Plate Compression LatchTilt Plate Compression Latch

Tilt Plate Compression Latch

(Reference 10A-9336801)

316 Stainless Steel, "Premium" Designed Compression Latch.
This waterproof lift handle is completely flush and available as a surface mount (angled) or (straight sided) recess mount.
When unlocked, the tilt plate can be depressed and the handle lifted, then rotated 90 degrees to open the latch.
When locked, the tilt plate will not move so the unit surface is solid.
Will lay flush in closed and open positions, when rotated 180 degrees.
It has a very smooth action and a comfortable grip for three fingers.
The arm is adjustable for height and clamped to the shaft with an alan head bolt. This can be replaced with a "Key Head" bolt to facilitate emergency internal opening.
The arm can also be replaced with the internal slide handle that allows the unit to be used as a standard lift handle AND have easy opening option from the inside.

OA Diameter - 100mm
Cut Out Diameter - 90mm

Comes with;
spacer ring for mounting to thin materials. (Min 18mm)
Vertical and Horizontal latch keeps.
SS Backing Plate
Locking Key

Price: £176.60 exc VAT

Part No: 10A-9336801
Tilt Plate Compression Latch - £176.60

Part No: 10A-9336800
Tilt Plate Lift handle (Surface Mt.) - £176.60

Part No: 10A-9336803
Internal Slide Latch Handle - £49.90