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Aqua Signal launch new Series 60 & Series 61 LED Lights
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Aqua Signal launch new Series 60 & Series 61 LED LightsAqua Signal launch new Series 60 & Series 61 LED LightsAqua Signal launch new Series 60 & Series 61 LED Lights

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Aqua Signal launch new Series 60 & Series 61 LED Lights

Earlier this year saw the launch of Aqua Signal?s Series 60 and Series 61 LED navigation lights.

The Series 60 have been designed for vessels from 20 to 50 meters in mind and the Series 61 aimed at those vessels above 50 meters in length and both offers the owner long product lifetime essential for the industry.

With safety paramount when choosing Navigation lights Aqua Signal have developed both the Series 60 and 61 to make the worry about failing lights when you really need them redundant. Both series have been designed with a smart, tamper proof countdown system giving the user a warning when it?s time to replace the lanterns.

Long product lifetime
The Series 60 & 61 have been designed to last for 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45?C giving twice the lifetime of most competing products. The overall design features sturdy structures and high quality components to promote longevity of the product. Both series include a high-quality LED driver and driver technology and have been manufactured using materials that can withstand rough weather and varying temperatures, such as seawater resistant aluminium, polycarbonate and hardened tempered glass.

Integrated countdown system
Having a Navigation light fail or come to the end of its life whilst at sea is something users want to avoid. With this in mind the Series 60 and 61 are equipped with a countdown system that will let you know when it?s time to replace the navigation light. With a tamper proof system the timer is integrated in each lantern communicates any message to the display in the control panel. The system reflects the use of the lantern, whether it is exposed to cold temperatures and harsh weather or conditions with less wear and tear essentially providing added safety for the vessel.

A flexible choice
Series 60 and 61 are designed to work with the Aqua Signal Navigation light control panel, but they offer a lot of flexibility because they can be operated with third party panels (1). The products are easy to install, only four bolts to fasten and the internal connection box offering a lot of space for connection wires. It can be installed upside-down for all variants, with exception of Port, Starboard and Masthead due to visibility angels in COLREG requirements.

To find out more or to purchase the Series 60 or 61 lights don?t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our sales team today.

(1) Compatibility must be confirmed by control panel supplier. For vessels above 50 meters, using Series 61, a dual installation is required (for Masthead, starboard, port and stern). To be according to COLREG requirements.